Volunteer with Us! The 1st Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine
Autumn 2021
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Nov 2020 Journal Club Certificate Exam 2021 Lifestyle Changes Today, Change Your Life Tomorrow.

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“The Story of My First Encounter with LM”

Meet Our Members

While exploring the next step in cardiac rehabilitation, I witnessed the lifestyle modification program and became aware of the need in Japan, too. In Japan, a super-aging society and a country of longevity, patients need to face their illness and body and become their own doctors. Read More

Aki Kitamura
Physician Member

The reason I encountered LM was my poor physical condition. We’d like to enhance the function of the hospital from just “a place to see sick people” to “a place to maintain the health of healthy people” and establish the perspective of long-term investment in health. Read More

Keisuke Miyamoto

I learned about LM through my thesis project and reaffirmed its importance with my family health and relationships with my patients. Not only can we live long and healthy, but we also want to expand the happiness of society as a whole, stop the medical cost crisis, and implement stable and appropriate economic development. Read More

Tamami Shirai

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