The Annual Meeting in Autumn 2021

The  1st Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine
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Lifestyle Medicine Journal Club 【via Zoom】

JSLM is holding a series of interactive lectures which provide journals of the latest research and the current trend in Japan based on the official IBLM certification board review textbook.

Participation fee for non-members : 1,000yen
Participation fee for members : Free

Please apply up to 1 week in advance.
Check the details here (Flyer).


Lifestyle Medicine Certification Board Exam Follow-up 【via Zoom】

JSLM provides a video call session which is a pre-exam workshop for the IBLM certification board exams.

Check the details here. (in Japanese)

Check here for the slides from 2020. (in Japanese)


Become a Sponsor of “the 1st Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine” (Flyer)

If you are an individual, corporate or organization that is interested in our activities and goals, we invite you to be a sponsor for our first annual meeting.

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(We have the regulation about Corporate/Organization to be our sponsor.)

For questions or more information about membership in the Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine, please contact us at