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Join LM Journal Club, interactive lectures [Online]

The Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine adopts the journal club format held at universities in Europe and the United States, and holds online study sessions that even non-members can participate in.

Regardless of taking the certification exam, we will pick up themes from each field of lifestyle medicine every time so that you can systematically learn lifestyle medicine, and we will constantly update your knowledge by interweaving the contents of the textbook with the latest information.
Therefore, instead of the usual lecture format, participants are required to prepare in advance for the part they are in charge of and study the necessary parts beyond the textbook.

Non-members can also participate.
Non-member participation fee : Please donate 1,000 yen or more (per participation)
Students: Free up to 3 times
Member: Free

It is scheduled to be held about twice a month from November 2020. (Please make a reservation at least one week in advance to allocate the part in charge.)

Details will be posted on the Events/What’s New page.
If you would like to participate, please contact the following.
Contact: office@lifestylemedicinejapan.org

Participate in Meetings

The Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine will hold annual meetings.
We also plan various study workshop and social gatherings.
Details will be posted on the Events/What’s New page.



UCSD School of Medicine


Presentation Slide (November 2019, Tohoku University)

Osamu Mizukami1 Naoko Katayanagi2 Tamami Shirai3

1Kenkozoshin Clinic; 2Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital; 3UCSD

Become a Member

JSLM is expanding membership to encompass the professional team. Members can receive discounts on participation fees at annual meetings, study workshops, journal clubs, exam preparation courses, etc.

Lifestyle medicine is a global network that promotes preventive medicine. There are also discounts for related academic societies overseas, so you can quickly learn information on non-communicable diseases in countries other than Japan. In addition, you can receive explanations in Japanese about the contents of the Board Certification Review textbook (written in English), and you can also receive information of the past exams.

Please consider joining us at this opportunity.

For the details, please see the Membership page.

Join Certification Exam

Basically, Lifestyle Medicine approaches and practices do not require any license. International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) is providing the course for LM practitioners, which is called “Lifestyle Medicine Board Certification”.

Current medical education curriculum does not comprehensively cover the core fields of LM like nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management and social connection.

On the other hand, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are pandemic worldwide. It is clear that 70% of those NCDs are preventable if we optimize our lifestyle.

IBLM is providing educational materials, which are based on evidence, and certification exams in English or some other languages in countries across the world.

Under the cooperation of IBLM, JSLM held the first board certification exam in Japanese in Japan, and IBLM board certification exam was available in 2022.

At the LM Journal Club, we will read related papers based on the board certification exam textbooks. Those who want to prepare for the certification exam and systematically learn lifestyle medicine can also participate.

We will also hold the pre-exam follow-up before the certification exam.

Please see the Certification Exam page for general details of the exam.
We will inform you the latest information about holding the certification exam on the Event/What’s New page