General Description

Basically, Lifestyle Medicine approaches and practices do not require any license. International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) is providing the course for LM practitioners, which is called “Lifestyle Medicine Board Certification”.

Current medical education curriculum does not comprehensively cover the core fields of LM like nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management and social  connection.

On the other hand, non-communicable disease (NCD) is pandemic worldwide. It is clear that 70% of those NCDs are preventable if we optimize our lifestyle.

IBLM is providing educational materials, which are based on evidence, and certification exams in English or some other languages in countries across the world.

Under the cooperation of IBLM, JSLM held the first Board Certification Exam in Japanese in Japan in 2021.

JSLM is also providing a series of online interactive lectures, LM Journal Club. Please check more details out here.  

Eligibility and Prerequisites

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The prerequisites for the two registration levels are as follows:

 30 hours of online/non-live CME
 10 hours of in-person CME
 A case study outlining your personal experience with lifestyle medicine (PDF: for physicians only)

PhD/Masters Level
 30 hours of online/non-live CME
 10 hours of in-person CME

⚠️ Important ⚠️: “CME” that is explained here is defined uniquely by IBLM, and is different from “CME that American doctors and healthcare personnels must acquire as lifelong education”. When you buy the teaching materials online, there may be two types of teaching materials, WITH CME (higher price) and WITHOUT CME (lower price). In case you apply for the IBLM exam in Japan via JSLM, you will meet the qualifications required for the IBLM exam by completing the online courses WITHOUT CME.

(Please note that you need to buy the online courses WITH CME when you apply directly to ABLM (American Board of Lifestyle Medicine) and take the ABLM exam.)


Board Certification Exam in Japan

The 1st Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine covered this In-person course CMEs. 

The 2022 exam (available in any languages which have already been released, including Japanese) (about 4 hours) was held by IBLM at test centers from which you could take your nearest one in Japan. (Check more details here.)

Regarding our annual meeting and the 2023 board certification exam in Japan, please stay tuned to our Events/What’s New page.

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(Exams in other countries  link to

Teaching Materials

Online courses which are needed to be taken for the exam application
Link to IBLM

While the IBLM sets the certification competencies and Lifestyle Medicine standards, it is left up to the participants to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and experience from reputable sources.

CMEs must be no older than 36 months from the date of the exam.

Proof of CMEs, credentials and case study must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the certification exam. CMEs from Lifestyle Medicine conferences immediately preceding an exam are exempt from the above 30 day rule! (Please note exam results will not be communicated and certifications will be issued until all prerequisites have been received and approved)

The IBLM accepts Online CMEs of the following programs/providers:

Programs that meet and cover in-person & online CME exam prerequisites are the follows:

In-person courses which are needed to be taken for the exam application

The IBLM accepts In-Person CMEs of the following programs/providers:

The annual meeting of JSLM is going to be included as one of these programs/providers. Physicians still need to submit a case study at least 30 days prior to the certification exam.

virtual in-person CMEs from 2020 and 2021 eligible events are accepted due to COVID. For 2022 exams, in-person CME gathered in 2022 must come from a live event.


For the past exam in Japan in 2021, please see the details here.

For those who are applying for the 2022 exam in Japan or other countries, please check the details in IBLM website.

Link to IBLM

For more information about exam in japan, please stay tuned on our Events/What’s New page or contact at

LM Board Certification Qualified Members in JSLM

2018 Darrel Vaughan(Okinawa)
2019 Keisuke Miyamoto(Honolulu, Hawaii)
2020 Minako Abe(Tokyo)
2020 Noriyo Kimura(Okinawa)
2021 Aya Yamase(Chiba)